Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bencurik Back in Lincoln

Just saw this on Brent Wagner's Blueline Blog.

"A familiar face joined the team for the first time Tuesday.

Former Lincoln player and assistant coach Ryan Bencurik has rejoined the team as an assistant coach for the remainder of this season. He left coaching a few years ago to work in the business sector but remained in Lincoln and was occasionally at Stars games."

Pretty big news, imo. He brings with him a ton of USHL experience both as a player and a coach. Ryan was a defenseman on the inaugural '96-'97 Stars team that won the Clark Cup. He first started as a volunteer assistant coach for the Stars during the '03-'04 season. He later became a full-time assistant coach under former head coach Steve Johnson from '04-'07.

Interesting quote Bencurik made back in September of 2007, when he decided to resign. “Resigning had been on my mind for a while, and Jimmy and I weren’t clicking like we both probably hoped we would, so I decided it was best if I just step aside,” Bencurik said. I certainly hope whatever issues he had with Coach McGroarty have been worked out. I don't expect any problems. It sounds like Coach really talked it over with the team to make sure this was going to be the right move.

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Austin D said...

I'm almost sure I remember Ryan Bencurik...didn't he play a couple years in Des Moines too, while they were driving the rest of the league nuts in the '90s?