Tuesday, March 17, 2009

B2 Public Events in Lincoln??

Over on the LJS Blueline Blog, Travis brought an interesting topic that I'd like to blog about. Hope you don't mind me singling you out, Travis. It's something I've thought for a long time now. It's a topic related to the poll question also. Anyway, here is the quote from Travis:

"I occasionally purchase road games on B2 and watch them from my computer. It would be nice to be able to watch the road games with other Stars fans as opposed to sitting on my couch with my lap top in my lap. Since Heidelberg's is the "bar of the Stars" is there anything preventing them (or us)from purchasing the game on B2 and putting it on a screen for the whole bar to enjoy? I think that could be a lot of fun. Just a thought.?"

I brought the same topic up over on the Lincoln Stargazing Message Board last year.

I know quite a few other USHL teams have B2 parties at designated bars in town for away games. I don't understand at all why it hasn't been done here in awhile. Supposedly it was done once or twice at the bar "Slapshotz," but that bar is no more. Heidelberg's is now the "official" bar of the Stars, but I haven't heard of any kind of a B2 promotion there for away games. From what I can gather, it costs a bar $250 per game to broadcast a B2 game. Considering the rabid fan support the Stars have, I don't see how this couldn't be a hit at Heidelbergs, or any other bar. With the money they'd make on drinks and food, they'd earn back that $250 and much more. It just seems like a no-lose situation, and I'm surprised we haven't seen it in Lincoln.

Your thoughts? Anyone out there with more insider info? Would this work in Lincoln? If not, why?


Travis said...

I am the one that brought that up. I think it would work and would love to see someone give it a try. It would not have to be done every away game, but 6 or 7 times a year could be a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

In regards to the poll: I really wanted an option that said "11-15, but B2 sucks".

Honestly though I think it's more individual arenas and/or the arena staff because I noticed some (Fargo) can't seem to figure out that cutting to a "Power Play" logo for the first 30 seconds of the power play is a bad idea, while one or two seem to have a little trouble keeping their eyes on the games and off the girls (hey, scantily clad cheerleaders in all sports, but if I miss a goal cuz we're looking at some chick in the crowd--different story).

Oddly enough, the best I've seen so far: Omaha. Considering the obnoxious fans, I may watch all the Omaha games at home from now on. Maybe someday when I can't make it I'll pick up the Lincoln game and see if we're any good at broadcast.

Yeti said...

Travis...I agree. I don't know if this is a topic someone associated with the booster club can bring up with the folks at Heidelbergs. Even if it's just a one time deal...to gauge interest. If properly advertised, I have no doubt it would be a success. If it's during football season, I'd assume Friday night games would work better. I'd love to see it happen. If it can work in other USHL cities, I have no doubt in my mind it can work here in Lincoln.

Anonymous...I hear you abou the "b2 sucks" thing. I answered "1-5" for the poll, only because I've been burned by B2 in past seasons, so this season I've scaled back a bunch. I know which barns have the best camera angles (Omaha, TC), so I'll get those games if I want to watch a road game.

Lincoln feeds are terrible, imo. If you go to
http://www.b2cabletv.com/channels.asp?networksid=2&channelsid=5 you can watch old USHL games that B2 recorded. Occasionally you can catch a Lincoln home game. I'm always at home games, so it was interesting to watch a game in Lincoln from the B2 cameras. There's the main camera up in the NW corner (where Melbye) sits, and that's about it. The lighting sucks, and its hard to follow the puck when it's in the south end.

Travis said...

I agree that that quality depends on the barn. Omaha and Tri-City are really pretty good. I only get home games when I am on the road for work and we happen to be playing at home. I had to watch one of the playoff games against Omaha last year in my motel room in South Bend, Indiana. The quality was poor. Thank gosh Melbey was on the broadcast which made it better. He does a hell of a job in my opinion.