Friday, February 27, 2009

Pregame Report - Lincoln @ Green Bay 2/27

The Green Bay Gamblers will play host to the Lincoln Stars tonight, as both teams are in first place in their respective divisions (GB is tied with Cedar Rapids, but has one game in hand). The Stars have played the Gamblers twice this season, losing one and winning one. The win came on 12/12/08 when the Stars beat the Gamblers 1-0, in Green Bay. Anthony Borelli recorded the shutout in that one. The loss came way back on 10/18/08 in Lincoln, when the Gamblers dusted the Stars by a score of 8-3. For those of us who attended that loss, it will not be easily forgotten.

In the first four seconds of the game, there were THREE separate fights. It was unbelievable. It's something I have not seen happen in any hockey game, at any level. Supposedly there was is some bad blood between the teams which dates back to when they played each other in the preseason Fall Classic tournament. So anyway, back to the madhouse that was the Ice Box on the evening of 10/18/08. Three fights in the first four seconds of the game, and six total fights in that game. Unfortunately for the Stars, they really didn't show up to play hockey that the Gamblers rolled all over Lincoln, 8-3.

Goaltender Anthony Borelli has started the last three games for the Stars, so I would expect Kevin Murdock in net tonight. However, I wouldn't be surprised if Coach McGroarty goes with Borelli instead, considering how well Borelli has been playing lately. One thing is for certain, if Green Bay defenseman Robert Shea does play tonight for the Gamblers, he will drop the mitts. He's not a big kid, but he's fearless...and will duke it out with anyone. Think of him as GB's version of Jimmy Siers. Boy, wouldn't that be a fight? Siers vs. Shea? Youtube, please...thank you. Anyway, I don't expect tonight's game to dissolve into the gongshow that occurred in Lincoln back in October, but I do think it could get chippy.

If you are thinking of buying this game on B2, I'd recommend it. It should be a very good, physical game pitting two teams who are leading the pack in the USHL. You hear the term, "playoff type atmosphere" thrown around a lot these days in regards to big hockey games, but this is one of those games. Two titans, slugging it out. Can I be any more dramatic?

Faceoff is at 7:05pm.

Predictions? Can the Stars beat the Gamblers twice in a row on their home ice? Who fights who tonight? Does Borelli or Doc get the start? Why am I asking so many questions? Stay tuned.


nopuckluck said...

Really like the blog, I will stop by frequently to check the ramblings (and might I say good ramblings).


Yeti said...

Thanks for the feedback, nopuckluck. Much appreciated. :)