Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Postgame Report - Lincoln @ Tri-City 2/24

Final Score: Lincoln 3, Tri-City 1

Lincoln won their sixth straight against the Storm, as the Stars scored all three goals in the second period to beat Tri-City, 3-1. Scoring goals for the Stars was Garrett Vermeersch (PP), Kirt Hill (GW), and Corey Chakeen. Jake Newton had 3 assists on the night, while goaltender Kevin Murdock stopped 28 of 29 shots on goal for the win.

It sounded like the Stars came out flat in the first period, and Doc kept them in the game. After Coach McGroarty had a nice little chat chewed some ass in the locker room during the first intermission, the Stars came out and dominated the second period. Lincoln outshot the Storm 24-5 in that period, and scored all three goals. Tri-City managed to score one goal in the third period to ruin the shutout for Doc. Lincoln outshot Tri-City 43-29.

Quality road win against a team that isn't as bad as their record indicates. I was a little worried going into this game, as I wondered if the Stars might overlook the Storm knowing they had two very important games this weekend against the Gamblers and the Steel.

Jimmy Siers, Michael Sdao, and John McCarron were scratches for the game. I know Sdao is sick, but Siers apparently is injured. I really hope the injury to Siers isn't serious, as the Stars REALLY need his presence this weekend...especially against the Gamblers.

It was nice to see that Taylor Kuypers got some playing time last night, after being a healthy scratch for three straight games. I'm a big fan of Kuypers, and believe he is deserving of more ice time. He has improved a lot since last season, and will be looked upon next season (if he returns) to shoulder a much larger load on defense.

1ST STAR: Vermeersch, Garrett (LIN)
2ND STAR: Newton, Jake (LIN)
3RD STAR: Murdock, Kevin (LIN)

Quick Notes: Chris Forfar is still looking for a goal to break his streak. He has played 23 games now without scoring a goal. On the opposite end, Kirt Hill has scored at least one point in 19 of the last 21 games. Amazing.


Forwhomthebelltolls said...

Great work Yeti. Kirt Hill rocks my socks. 19 out of 21 is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

"Quality road win against a team that isn't as bad as their record indicates."

Wow...I didn't know you had it in you. You may change my mind about you 'one post at a time'. :) For real - This is a great blog! I have bookmarked and will check back regularly! Thanks!


Yeti said...

lolz. Thanks for the comment, jamiebug. Just speaking the truth. Since that loss to Lincoln, we've seen how well TC has been playing. It's too bad they couldn't have turned it around sooner in the regular season. They seem to have a nice core group of players (Decenzo, Illo, Massie) who are playing great. If those three return next season, I have no doubt that TC can be a playoff team. A new team owner with larger pockets than Weins would help also. Money talks.

Anonymous said...

From your mouth to the hockey gods ears my friend!

See you in the final four next year! (it's what gets me through lol)