Thursday, February 26, 2009

Playoffs Loom....

As Lincoln heads into a very important weekend on the road, the Stars are down to their final 15 regular season games. To be honest, the final 15 games read like "Murderer's Row."

Green Bay: 2/27 (away), 3/20 (home)
Chicago: 2/28 (away), 3/14 (away)
Waterloo: 3/6 (home)
Sioux City: 3/7 (home), 3/28 (away)
Omaha: 3/10 (home), 3/17 (away)
Indiana: 3/13 (away)
Cedar Rapids: 3/15 (away), 3/27 (home)
Fargo: 3/21 (home), 4/4 (away)
Sioux Falls: 4/3 (away)

The cumulative win-loss record of those teams is 223-182. Overtime losses are included in the loss total.

9 games on the road, 6 games at home. The only team out of that bunch that doesn't have a winning record is Sioux City. Sioux Falls is playing much better and have won six straight. Omaha seem to be regressing as of late, but I know they'll start playing better once Teglia gets back in net. The 8 games against the five Eastern division teams will be brutal. This will be a very good test to see if the Stars are playoff ready.

Thoughts? How many wins out of those 15 games is reasonable? In your opinion, do the Stars still have a shot at the Anderson Cup?

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